How to reduce your exposure with contact-free payments

The impact of COVID-19 on how businesses operate is being felt in every industry, some more than others. For lots of businesses this is completely changing the way they operate, the product they offer, and how they interact with customers. Businesses that are able to adapt will have the best chance of surviving this crisis.

Many lesson-based businesses like personal trainers, dance studios, and martial arts classes, have transitioned to online training and videos. Payments made in person by exchanging cash or cards aren’t possible anymore as owners don’t want to put themselves, their employees, or customers at risk. They need to find a fast and easy way to take safer, contact-free payments.

Pay Advantage offers a number of unique solutions that are helping businesses to adapt and continue trading. We have contact-free payments that perform just like tap and go, giving you a response in seconds. 

Create your Payment Request, choose how you want to share it (SMS, email, social media), and then the customer completes the payment safely from their phone or computer. Businesses can also take these payments while on the phone to their customers or from a safe distance.

One added benefit of Payment Requests is that it allows businesses to be creative and send out all of their payment reminders first thing in the morning. They get confirmation of payments throughout the day, and it also lets them know who will be attending.

Creating and sending Payment Requests to customers can be completed in under 10 seconds.There are a heap of options for adding and importing customers, tracking notes, and keeping a record of payment history.

Studios and online lessons

Create a Payment Request to send to your class before or after a lesson and collect payments as normal.

Tradespeople and services

Get the job done and then get paid safely by sending a Payment Request to the customer. See the transaction approved in near real-time and automatically send receipts to customers.

Business Invoices or one off payments

Send a payment request link with your invoice to let your customers pay by card, or if you use Xero try out our integration which adds a “Pay Now” button to your invoices.

E-Commerce or Online Businesses

Use our WordPress or WooCommerce plugins to process online card payments, or setup custom integration with our API to create an even more unique branded payment experience for your customers.

Musicians & Artists

Set-up your own Payment Portal where your audience can ‘pay what they want’ or make contributions for online performances, workshops, or live streams.

Find new ways to change and improve your business by offering safe and contact-free payments with Pay Advantage. There’s no subscription or setup costs. It’s completely free to sign up and get started today.

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