Manage your customers as well as your payments

Customer Details
  • Record phone numbers, email and addresses
  • Track date joined, birthdays and customer status
  • Add your own custom fields
  • View and email customer’s BPAY details

Subscriptions simplified

Customer Subscriptions
  • Fast signups with paperless debiting
  • Automatic failed payment handling
  • Quickly change debit dates and amounts
  • Helpful customer notifications

Record customer interactions

Customer Notes

All your customer payments in one place

Send Receipts

Payment History

Refund Payments

Customer Payments

Manage your customer payments on the go

Take One-Off Payments

  • Charge and re-charge cards
  • Save cards against customers
  • Funds deposited next business day
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Setup Subscriptions

  • Customisable terms and amount
  • On-charge fees to customers
  • Fast deposits (1 - 3 business days)
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Accept BPAY

  • Add BPAY to your invoices
  • Create references with a click
  • Reduced chargebacks
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