5 Amazing Business Tools You Haven’t Heard About!

You’ve mastered G Suite, your all about Hubspot and your paying bills like a pro on Xero but we’re guessing you haven’t jumped on board with these new business services. We’ve put together a list of five of the latest and greatest tools for business owners that are worth checking out! These are hidden gems that will make your life easier and we know you’ll be thanking us later. 

Boomerang for Gmail

Schedule an email for later. Set email reminders.

Like any business owner you’re probably running around with a million things on your plate, balancing everything like some sort of circus acrobat. Chances are somewhere in between running from one meeting to another you’ve been struck by the thought that you didn’t send that email you were meant to. 

Meet Boomerang, a handy Gmail extension that allows you to make the most of your office days by scheduling emails to be sent at a later time or date. You can even set email reminders, so following up on emails that you send is easy peasy. You can even use Boomerang to make sure your email recipients are replying to the emails you send by selecting to be reminded if nobody replies. This nifty tool makes sure your emails don’t slip through the cracks and you’ll never forget to send an email or follow up with people again.

Meet Up

Join a local group to meet people, try something new, or do more of what you love.

Looking to meet like-minded business professionals in your area? Want to learn a new skill and  interested in meeting people while mastering it? Meet Up could be just what you need. You can browse Meet Ups happening near you by category and select your interests so you’ll only be delivered Meet Up notifications relevant to what you’d like to attend.

Meet Ups happen in the real world and online, so if you’re living remotely or in a country town you won’t miss out.


Home for contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them.

Looking for a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Privacy Policy but want to avoid the hefty legal fees? Docracy could be the answer! The website aims to democratise legal documents by providing a community platform to make these legal documents free for everyone to use. 

Docracy aims to offer reputable, transparent sources and social proof to help you find something as close as possible to the perfect document. Best of all it’s free. The site owners believe it shouldn’t cost hundreds of dollars to create a document that is enforceable.

We recommend if you are looking for a legal document make sure its author is Australian. And, while we would always suggest seeking legal advice and paying a qualified legal representative to create any legal documents, Docracy could be a good interim step if you’re low on funds or need something in a jiffy!

Have you ever had a flash of inspiration at four in the morning? Evernote allows you to capture everything you want to remember and store it across devices so you’ll always have access to your notes. 


Every great idea starts with a note.

From to-do lists to those pesky early morning flashes of inspiration, capture everything you want to remember with Evernote and store it in one place. Don’t forget to check out the chrome extension and mobile app so you can fully utilise the cross-device functionality of evernote. Forget taking notes in your email and losing them in drafts. Evernote will make sure your best ideas can be recorded, saved and shared. 


Your DIY design secret weapon

Canva is an amazing design tool, that most people of now heard of, BUT if you’re looking to  go one step further with beautiful, professional looking graphics and templates that stand out from the crowd then look no further than Easil. The problem with Canva is its very popular which means its most popular templates get used frequently. Because Easil flies under the radar (for now), you’ll start to look like you’ve hired a professional designer – without the price tag. Best of all what you see is what  you get! There are no hidden price tags when using premium design templates. You only pay more if you add a premium image.

Easil is also stacked full of helpful features. You can download your creations as a PNG, JPG or GIF file. You can upload images and Easil will generate a suggested colour palette based on the colours of that image. You can also order printed materials of your designs. Create a business card and order it printed and delivered to your work address straight from the Easil app.

Best of all Easil also offers you access to their pro design team – they have chat assistance within the app so you can ask fully qualified graphic designers can give you a hand or for feedback. 

So, what do you think? Have you heard of these beauties before (you clever thing!) or did one of these tickle your fancy? We hope we’ve made your day by giving you a few suggestions that might just help make your life easier!

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