A better way to receive payments

become a BPAY biller today!

cleared funds with next
day settlement

Receive cleared funds, deposited next business day* into any Australian bank account.
Each deposit comes with detailed online reporting and email alerts.

*Subject to your selected plan

Instant creditability

Trusted & used by over 75% of the Australian bill paying population

  • Adds a professional touch to your invoices
  • BPAY brand and logo easily recognised
  • Convenient for your customers
  • Stand out from your competitors

BPAY is better than EFT!

Why do Australia’s top companies accept BPAY through Pay Advantage?

Debit/Saving Funds

Visa / MasterCard

Payments always matched to a customer

Generous daily transfer limits*

*Up to $100,000 per payment (subject to individual banks)

Change banks at any time

Unlike a bank account number, your biller code and customer reference numbers don't change if you switch banks

Receive payments 24/7 from your customer's online, mobile or telephone banking

Save on credit
card fees

With BPAY by Pay Advantage you’ll enjoy one of the most competitive credit card rates available.

To receive a credit card payment through BPAY, your customer selects the account from their internet, mobile or telephone banking platform when making a BPAY payment.

Credit card MSF % if from a credit card account.

Easy to implement

You can start accepting payments in minutes with no software required

Simplify your

Saving Time... Saving Money!

Don’t waste another minute trying to match payments to customers.

How does BPAY work?

  • Your

    Your customer pays their invoice either online, by mobile or through phone banking.

  • Your Customers
    financial Institution

    Your customer’s Financial Institution transmits the information on the BPAY Payment.

  • BPAY processes payment information.

  • pay

    Pay Advantage receives BPAY payment information and matches these to your customers.

  • Your

    Cleared funds deposited next business day to your nominated bank account.

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