Cleaners: Get paid faster with these four tips!

Offer your customers multiple ways to pay. 

One simple way to increase your cleaning business cashflow is to give your buyers the option to make payments using multiple options. Australian’s are becoming increasingly mobile and digital, and their preferred payment methods reflect this development. Your commercial cleaning business needs to stay ahead by utilising advanced payment options to ensure you’re paid on time.

Use invoicing software

Automated invoicing software can reduce the unnecessary downtime each month that comes with processing your billing. In today’s high-tech world, growing businesses have no reason to sit around and draft an invoice from scratch. Instead, using programs like Xero, make it a simple process to create and send an invoice.

You’ll be able to efficiently send your business invoices by email, getting it into your customer’s hands faster than ever before, with payment hopefully received by the due date. 

Make sure to use Pay Advantage to add a ‘pay by credit card’ button to your invoices to ensure they can be paid quickly and easily by customers. 

Make payments secure

The more secure your commercial payment methods, the less you need to worry about any potential mishaps. If you’re using questionable financial programs for your payments and sales transactions, it could quickly turn into a debacle if payments are lost or stolen or your system is hacked. 

Never sacrifice convenience for security when you can have both.

Rather, select trusted sources, like major banking cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or a reliable virtual terminal that can handle your online transactions. Allowing your services to accept credit card payment can also keep your capital backed by trusted companies.

If you store customer’s information for future use make sure you rely on a company, such as PayAdvantage, which adequately protects their systems, your data, and your privacy by maintaining and regularly reviewing their systems to ensure compliance with industry best practice. Peace of mind goes both ways as you’ll receive your purchase payments, and the buyers know their information is safe. 

Automate invoice reminders

Managing a busy cleaning service can be hectic. It becomes easy to forget to send an invoice or follow up customers who haven’t paid on time. Forgotten invoices can amount to thousands of dollars, which could potentially ruin a small cleaning business.

Allowing Pay Advantage to automatically send reminders to customers who haven’t paid on time means you can take care of your invoices in a timely manner. It’s set and forget, so you can get on with the business of running your cleaning business!

Set up direct debits

Direct debits are one of the easiest ways to ensure your cleaning business receives its money on time. Offering direct debit as an option to clients means the cash will be directly deposited in your account as it’s owed.

When you do recurring cleaning jobs, you will have comfort knowing that you won’t need to wait around for days or hound customers for payments. It secures your cash flow so that your business can start to grow unhindered.

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