Five Ways to Fix Common Recurring Payment Pain

Common recurring payment failures can seriously hamper a business’s short-term financial strategy. Thankfully, Pay Advantage offers a number of solutions for all types of payment issues that can occur. Let’s break down the main ways that Pay Advantage can assist your company in fixing common recurring payment problems.

Issue 1: Payment data is messy, especially when it’s scattered across numerous databases

Pay Advantage is more than just a payment gateway provider, we offer a complete payment solution for Australian businesses. You can use one product to manage and add customers, process payments, and manage transactional data with detailed reporting and receipts.

We have built a product designed to grow with your business, offering all the management you will need to get started and grow, while still providing a flexible API for those who want to manage their payment data in another platform.

Issue 2: If I send out too many Payment Requests, I’m going to aggravate my customers

On the one hand, that statement above is true, too many notifications will put customers off, but on the other hand, giving clients the ability to set their own ideal payment date or even their preferred payment plan will do wonders for your payment conversion rates. 

Pay Advantage offers you the ability to choose to send payment requests to consumer’s mobile phones or email accounts. In addition, this feature allows your clients the option of filling in their payment details any time of the day and having the payment processed whenever they choose.

Issue 3: I don’t know if the services will be entirely legitimate and compliant with customer security laws

The need to find reputable, verifiable platforms has become even more crucial in the past few years. Here at Pay Advantage, all data is of immense value and therefore, we have several steps in place to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

We make use of an extended validation SSL from GeoTrust, we abide by the regulations set out by the PCI Security Standards Council, and we have a two-factor authentication system. Moreover, we have a strong anti-fraud detection presence on our platform, have top-notch IT professionals continually assessing our systems for threats and ensure that all data is managed according to standards determined in the Privacy Act.

Issue 4: I can’t understand a complex online payment portal

Just about every non-technical person knows the intense, stressful headache that overpowers you as you begin to think about how you will train yourself to learn the ins and outs of a new device or platform, especially one that is unnecessarily complicated. To help mitigate this stress, Pay Advantage has worked hard to build a user-friendly, intuitive platform. We also have several support contacts to assist you with any questions you may have. Our design focused team believes in building a better product for our customers with interest in collecting feedback and learning about how the platform can be better for each and every one of our merchants.

Both telephone and email support is available, as well as several tutorial guides to assist with frequently asked questions or common scenarios in the Help Centre. There is also an online community forum where people can post questions and receive answers from other members to questions that may not have been answered by the tutorials.

Issue 5: It Will Be Incredibly Hard To Find An Online Solutions Platform That Can Cater To Both My Local And International Clients

Having to use one payment platform for your local clients and a separate one for your international clients can drastically drive down your productivity and ultimately, causing you unnecessary stress. 

To avoid this stress, choose a platform that can cater to all consumers. Pay Advantage has been in business since 2008 and has served many companies within Australia, where it is based. Pay Advantage’s seamless system accepts all major credit cards and will assist businesses in setting up subscription services for clients who may not live within Australia.

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