Why your Business Needs a Fast Website

Most people wait less than two seconds for websites to begin loading. Mobile phone users make up the majority of Internet users and are even less patient than those sitting at their desks. 85 percent of mobile users expect websites to load as fast or faster than on computers. Mere fractions of a second can make an immense difference in online browsing and transactions. The speed of your business’s website directly affects your conversion rate.

Why Does Website Speed Affect Businesses?

Your business’s website is often the first impression customers get from your company. Like anywhere else, a good first impression for your website is crucial. Customers will make immediate judgments about a business based on its website’s quality. A website that loads and moves quickly makes a strong first impression. Customers will notice any problems or bugs that need to be worked out. People consider fast websites more reliable and professional, so a slow website quickly leads to frustration and skepticism. In fact, almost 80 percent of online shoppers refuse to use slow-loading websites.

Almost half of those online shoppers expect websites to load in two seconds or less. If your site takes more than three seconds, 40 percent leave before it loads. 

While big businesses like Facebook or Amazon can get away with a small delay because of their huge name recognition, this is a luxury unavailable to most businesses. There are long-term effects too! Eventually, customers hear from others that your website is difficult or frustrating to use. This can drastically reduce the organic growth of your customer base.

Creating a Fast Company Website

Focusing on user experience is key to designing a website that performs well. When setting up your site, keep in mind what makes the experience simple and intuitive. Customers want to find what they need without much time or work. Therefore, a simple layout and fast load times are instrumental in creating positive customer experiences. 

Remember that, if thousands of customers visit your site, almost four hundred are likely to leave if it loads slowly. Now, think about how much that affects your bottom line. Almost half of your potential customers could leave. Make sure your website speed is fast to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success.

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