A Direct Debit Company that works as hard as you do

A Direct Debit Company
that works as hard as you do

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    Ongoing benefits

    Perfect for the collection of recurring payments such as subscriptions, memberships, professional services or any business that wants to generate ongoing cash flow.

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    Take Control of your Cash Flow

    You select the date, amount and frequency of the direct debit. No more waiting for slow cheques or time consuming processing of EFTs. Get consistent cashflow working for your business.

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    Easy to use

    Even if you are not familiar with Direct Debiting our system is quick and easy. No complex forms or technical experience is required, simply set and forget, we do all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

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    No software required

    With Pay Advantage you don’t need to install any software. All of your schedules are managed with our powerful scheduling system that lets you easily setup and manage all kinds of schedules.

Add your business logo

Customise the direct debit authority with your business logo for a professional touch.

Easy to manage

  • Customised debit options

    Our powerful scheduling system can handle all kinds of schedules. Want to debit an initial joining fee? No problem. Need flexible end goals? Debit until a specific amount has been reached or on a specific date.

  • Easily track errors/dishonours

    Debit errors and dishonours are easy to manage with quick access to all direct debits that contain errors or have failed with the option to receive daily reports listing all payment failures and dishonours.

  • Track debit progress

    The status of your schedules are easily monitored with our intuitive direct debit dashboard that lets you quickly monitor and view the status of all your direct debit schedules

  • Pause, Resume, Defer.. no problem

    Easily pause, restart or defer individual instalments.

  • Arrears management

    Arrears are easily identified and brought up to speed by scheduling extra debits or adding to the term of the direct debit.

  • Easy management of Authorities

    Never worry about losing a Direct Debit Authority. Once uploaded we keep the authority for safe keeping, better still, if a dispute arises we won’t have to bother you.

On-charge debit fees to
your customers

integrate your software
with Pay Advantage.

Batch debiting accepts debit instructions from ABA text files or through our API.

  • Create Ad hoc

  • Import debits
    from popular file formats

  • Simple API

How does Direct Debit work?

  • Your

    Your customer signs a Direct Debit Authority outlining the terms of the debit.

  • Setup your
    Direct Debit

    Setup your direct debit online via our secure client portal and upload the customer Direct Debit Authority.

  • Processing

    When debits become due Pay Advantage automatically sends debit instructions to your customer’s financial institution.

  • Settlement

    You receive a detailed report of payments that have been successful.

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